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Pre Production

This is the most important part in making an album. I'm extremely helpful in the jam room and motivated to provide you with a constructive and unbiased opinion.  As a song writer myself, I can help you tighten up your parts for your big day in the studio. For bands coming from out of town I'm happy to find room to set you up in one of my two rehearsal locations.


Achieving the right sound with a combination of a great performance is essential to your final product.   I love  searching for that perfect snare sound, blending mics together, combining amps and finding a microphone that will bring out the best qualities of your instrument.   I am comfortable using tape or Protools - whichever fits your project best.  I'm here to help, so you tell me what you're looking for and I'll take it from there.


Mixing is really the main thing that could make your record sound huge and exciting or flat and boring.  No matter the style of music, you're going to need a mix that will stand next to and ideally above the mixes you love.  When I am mixing I'm extremely focused, but also encourage sit-ins.  The mix isn't finished until you love every second of it.


Mastering is the final stage of equalization and gain before it's sent to the pressing plants.  I master to tape and always with the intention that it's going to be pressed to vinyl.

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