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About Me

Making music is my life, everything I've learned after audio school has come from spending countless hours at the studio working with creative people and refining a career I'm so thankful to have. Hopefully we'll get to make a record together.


My passion for music and music production started quite early when I began going to local shows, learning my first instruments, forming bands and recording in my parents basement. One music teacher in particular really helped motivate and encourage my interest by setting up a small studio that I could use to record my friends and local bands during high school years. With a desire to start a career in the music industry, I relocated from Regina Saskatchewan to Vancouver British Columbia in 2008 with nothing but a backpack and my guitar. After graduating from audio school in 2009 I opened a recording studio inside Bully's Rehearsal Studios Inc. located in New Westminster BC. where I produced records until September 2019 when I Became partners with Little Red Sounds Studios, which is where I am currently working from.

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